Why is My Car Overheating?

Engine Overheating

From a leak in the cooling system to a radiator issue, there are numerous reasons a car would overheat in Eugene. Every vehicle has a “normal” spot for the temperature gauge to sit, but most vehicles operate between 195 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If upon starting your vehicle you notice that the temperature gauge is reading significantly higher than normal, you should not drive it – doing so puts you in danger and can cause costlier issues in the long-run. Learn more about what causes a car to overheat with our service team.

What Does It Mean When Your Car Overheats?

If your car overheats, you should consider it as a sign that there is a bigger issue looming that you’ll need to take care of. Some common reasons a car would overheat include:

  • There’s a leak in the cooling system – Oftentimes, a leak in the cooling system will cause a car to overheat. The thermostat housing, water pump, head gasket, hoses, and radiator are all cooling system components which are susceptible to leaks.
  • There’s a problem with your coolant – If improper coolant was put in your car or the coolant-to-water ratio is off (it should be 50/50), your engine is more likely to overheat.
  • There’s a blockage in the coolant hose – The coolant hose is yet another vehicle component that can malfunction and cause a car to overheat. As you drive in Cottage Grove, there are many opportunities for dirt and debris to enter the cooling system, causing blockages in the coolant hose.
  • There’s an issue with the radiator – The next common culprit is radiator issues. There could be a leak, blockage, or a problem with the radiator fan, which can make a car overheat.
  • Your car’s water pump is broken – The water pump is a vital part that sends engine coolant throughout the cooling system. If your water pump has suffered a leak or an off-kilter pump shaft, overheating can quickly occur.

What to Do When a Car Overheats

You may not know your car is going to overheat until you hit the road in Sutherlin and find yourself with a smoking hood. If your air conditioning is running, the first step is to turn it off and turn on the heat at full blast to help pull heat off the engine. Once you’re pulled over to safety, do not attempt to pop the hood by hand for at least 30 minutes so you don’t burn yourself. The best way to ensure your own safety and that of other drivers on the road is to call a towing service to have your car taken to a service center of your choice.

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Learn about other service issues, such as when to change your cabin air filter, with our team!

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